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Pastor Bryan Simmons


Pastor Bryan Simmons was saved at the age of 8 years old. At the age of 19, the Lord began to deal with him concerning ministry. Having a deep love for traditional music of the church and the Appalachian style of gospel music, Bryan became highly influenced by the Primitive Quartet at an early age.  Guitars, upright bases, mandolins, fiddles and dobros, along with tight vocal harmony holds a dear place in Bryan's heart.  Along with his first cousin, Nathan Horton, they founded the gospel music group, Set Apart, in the year 2000. For 12 years (2000-2012) Set Apart traveled across America singing in over 600 churches, auditoriums and events bringing the gospel of Christ through music.  Many people were saved, helped and encouraged through the music Set Apart produced. During that time, Bryan met many Pastors, teachers, and musical influences that shaped him into what he is today.

Beginning in 2010, for a period of 2 years, the Lord dealt with Bryan concerning answering the call to preach the gospel. In 2012, Bryan surrendered to God's call to preach the gospel, and was ordained as a minister in 2013. That same year in 2013, three other men in addition to Bryan, acted on an opportunity given by the Lord to begin a new church, of which they named Blessed Hope Baptist Church. Located in Sparta, Tennessee, and in the county of which Bryan grew up, he began pastoral ministry as the associate Pastor of Blessed Hope Baptist Church, with his uncle and Pastor Dan Horton serving as the senior pastor of the church in its beginning.

In 2017, Bryan became the pastor of Blessed Hope Baptist Church. Bryan's heart is moved towards the salvation of souls, and the growth of Christians by the preaching of God's precious word. Our pastor is excited to see what God will continue to do through the ministry of Blessed Hope Baptist Church in and around the community of which it ministers.

Bryan met his wife, Bandy, in college and they were married in April 2003. In June of 2008, their first daughter, Aubrey, was born, then in December of 2011, their son, Jackson, was born. Bandy is very gifted to teach Sunday school and plays the piano for the church. Aubrey and Jackson have followed suit of their Dad, and do a wonderful job singing and have a great love for music.

Pastor Bryan list his influences as his Dad and Mom, David and Barbara Simmons, the members of the Primitive Quartet including Norman Wilson, Reagan Riddle, Mike Riddle, Larry Riddle, Randy Fox, and Jeff Tolbert, along with his two pastors, Dan Horton and Freddie Copeland. He also lists as great influences in his life men such as Adrian Rogers, RG Lee, MR DeHaan, George W. Truett, Harold B. Sightler, Curtis Hutson, and many others.
On the side, Bryan enjoys Cattle Farming.

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